The 28th International Conference
for Women in Business



  • *Simultaneous Japanese to English interpretation will be provided. Networking and roundtable sessions will be divided into Japanese and English, so interpretion will not be provided.
  • *Although the program and speakers are subject to change due to various circumstances, the registration fee is non-refundable.

Part 1 programOnline

Morning Session

What Does " I Challenge" Mean?

Why did I choose “I Challenge” this year? How does it connect to diversity management?

The Best is Yet to Come

Life will brings harvests as many times as you sow the seeds.

Changing From Within

Live from Manhattan: A perspective on diversity in the US

Start With Water

Live from Argentina: An entrepreneur uses AI to save water for farmers and provide water to cool servers for GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon)

Fostering Team Excellence

Live from Silicon Valley. Sharing experiences and tips to foster team excellence.

Update: Women on Boards in the U.S.

Live from Los Angeles: What can we learn from the US about women on boards?

Leverage Diversity to Grow Globally

A CEO of a major corporation shares his views on diversity in a global market.

Messages from graduates - students who received sponsorship to participate in ICWB


Please join us with your Zoom camera ON! Participants from around the world meet to network and connect.

Afternoon Session

Tokyo: City of Challenges

Governor’s message.

Challenges Governments Face Today

What challenges does Japan face in politics?

Japan's Challenge for Digitalization

What are the challenges the minister faces in digitalizing Japan?

Lifting and Empowering People

Japan is ranked 125th in WEF’s gender gap index. How is one company providing opportunities for their employees to enhance their internal diversity?

Challenges That Corporations Face

What does the lawyer ranked #1 in all of Japan see as the challenges for companies in Japan?

Women and Profitability

Data shows that profitability increases when women are involved in management. These women executives will discuss why this is and the impact of adding women managers.

Olympian's Challenges, Past and Current

A talk show featuring a famous TV sport director and an Olympic medalist who talk about their challenges, past and present

Challenges of Cirque du Soleil

Live from Las Vegas: Just after exiting the stage, this actor who recently completed her 7.000th performance, shares how she handles challenges.

RoundtablesChoose one of five roundtable discussions to join!#1 and #2 will be in English.

Roundtable 1 (in English)

AI at Work

Learn from the three women who are leveraging AI to create and market new products & services and find out how they get their teams to embrace AI.

Roundtable 2 (in English)

Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs are at the forefront of innovation in many countries. Learn about what inspires them and how they inspire their teams to fulfill their visions, and get inspired yourself!

Roundtable 4 (in Japanese)

私に限界はあるのか? No Limits to my Possibilities

Evening Session

I Challenge us to welcome – models for refugee integration

Live from Australia: How do we welcome refuges?

Money Africa

Live from Nigeria: A woman with no money and no knowledge of finance builds a fintech company in Nigeria to support African women.

Visible “An die Freude” - Listen with your eyes

Experience this! Listen to the music with your eyes. The very first inclusive education of music, which is now acknowledged by Beethoven-Haus in Germany.

A Challenging Life

Japan’s most famous astronaut, who has made 3 trips to live on the ISS in space, is now expanding his career. Find out about his challenges, past and current, and how he maintains his quality of life.

Evening Networking

Acknowledging corporate partners

Support Students: Matching Sponsor Program

Acknowledging students and sponsors who supported students all day!


Please join us with your Zoom camera ON! You can meet many participants to talk online, and share your experience of the day!

Closing Session

Closing messages from speakers

The many speakers from all over the world will gather again!
We will reflect on today and deliver important messages for tomorrow.

【The photograph from last year's closing session】

Program Part 2At hotel venue (Odaiba, Tokyo with refreshments buffet)

Opening Session

Video Message

Video Message by Prime Minister Kishida

Fumio Kishida

Fumio Kishida

Prime Minister

Talk Show

Managing Diversity: 2023 Challenges

Japan ranked 125th in the Gender Gap Index and it stays there while other countries move forward. Ambassadors share the latest information from their countries’ efforts.

Video Message

Video Message by Minister of State Ogura

Masanobu Ogura

Masanobu Ogura

Minister in charge of Policies Related to Children
Minister in charge of Cohesive Society
Minister in charge of Women's Empowerment

Talk Show

How Quotas Impact Business

Why are quotas needed? What happened in the last years without them? Learn about positive impacts that quotas can have.

Discover Greatness in Local Cities

A man who challenged himself by starting a winery in a land many thought impossible. A woman challenges herself to support local cities by shining spotlights on special places. They will share their experiences and talk about how they enjoy their lives and why they chose to live and work in a local city.

Closing Session

Networking Party

Finally, what we've all been waiting for; we will be networking in person at the Hotel Grand Nikko Daiba! Please come with lots of business cards. Meet and talk with participants and speakers from all over Japan and enjoy the buffet and wine prepared by Hotel Grand Nikko Daiba. Have fun!


Program Part 1
Program Part 2