The 28th International Conference
for Women in Business



What is the International Conference for Women in Business?

Fully experience the essence of "Diversity" all at once
One of the largest diversity conferences in Japan

The conference was originally planned and produced by Kaori Sasaki for working women to connect and learn in 1990, when there were no such opportunities for women to get together and learn. In 1996, it was renamed as the “International Conference for Women in Business” or ICWB. Held annually, it allows people to experience “diverse perspectives” and has become one of the largest diversity conferences in Japan.
What is important in diversity is achieving “greater results from diverse perspectives”. At the ICWB, various experts in their fields share their knowledge and experience from around the world. It is a 10-hour conference that broadens participants' thoughts and perspectives. At the ICWB, participant can expand his or her own perspective on diversity and, at the same time, meet like-minded people with high aspirations with whom they can move forward together.
Passionate participants from 20 countries gather to spend time together to improve themselves and contribute to society. It is very precious day to "experience" diversity.

About 1,000 highly motivated working women and men participate each year!
The participants’ satisfaction rate exceeds 98%!

The ICWB, which runs for about 10 hours from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., has had an average satisfaction rate of over 98% for every conference since the first conference in 1996 to the previous one in 2022. This is unprecedented.
This stellar satisfaction rate is due to the program and content meticulously planned and created by the producer, Kaori Sasaki, who has been producing conferences for over 30 years now. The speakers are selected from a variety of perspectives, and time and space is taken into consideration. The 10 hours progress naturally and the "passion and ambition" of all speakers and participants is evident throughout.
Positive participants come from all over the world at their own volition, which makes the atmosphere of the venue dynamic and exciting. About half of the participants attend alone, but by the time the conference ends at 8:00 p.m., many have experienced the excitement of having met new friends.
Until the 24th Conference, the ICWB was held at a hotel in Tokyo. Participants line up 2 hours before the doors open at 9:00 AM, and the conference begins at 10:00 AM with all 1,000 participants seated at tables in the hall. Through numerous morning and evening lectures, talk shows, and roundtables to the evening networking parties, we learn, think, and connect with each other. The connections made between speakers and participants from a variety of industries are a very important part of the experience.
The 25th Annual Meeting was the first to be held entirely online. Surprisingly, the experience was no different. The flow of the conference, the enthusiasm, the learning, and the opportunities to meet people remained the same, and both participants and speakers were amazed at how much passion was transmitted through the Conference, with participants saying, "I didn't realize how much passion could be felt even though it was online," and "I didn't realize how inspiring it was”.

The 28th conference in 2023 will be held in 2 parts for the first time.

Part 1 will be online to connect with and learn from people all around the world. Part 2 will be held at the Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba to share the learning and excitement of Part 1 while meeting in person to deepen connections and taking steps forward.
Willing to gain new knowledge, expand your perspective, and meet people with similar aspirations? Willing to meet role models and peers, share experiences, and acquire the skills and information to create a fulfilling career and life? We welcome such students, working persons, and enterprises.
You won't find more fun, fulfilling, and passion-filled conference anywhere. Join us to experience the power of diversity at the ICWB.


Program Part 1
Program Part 2